Want to stop smoking pot, but can't? Marijuana Anonymous on the phone

Want to stop smoking pot, but can't? Marijuana Anonymous on the phone

Want to stop smoking pot, but can't? Marijuana Anonymous on the phoneWant to stop smoking pot, but can't? Marijuana Anonymous on the phone

Meeting Readings

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Twelve Promises

  The Twelve Promises of Recovery are found in Step Nine.

  1. The rewards we’ve received from taking Steps Eight and Nine are profound and sublime.
  2. These actions have enabled us to live to good purpose and empowered us to be of service to others.
  3. Miracles have become everyday reality.
  4. We do things that we could never have done alone.
  5. God has become a living force in our lives.
  6. We have grown free and joyful.
  7. Service to others has replaced selfishness.
  8. We’ve lost our fears and regained trust in God, ourselves, and other human beings.
  9. Petty problems have stopped bedeviling us.
  10. Our attitude has turned from denial, defiance, and belligerence to gratitude, humility, and a sincere effort to be of service.
  11. We have gained dignity as we’ve retaken our proper place in society.
  12. The hard work that we put into the first Nine Steps was a precious accomplishment and a valuable gift.

Our Awakening

 The text below is quoted from the last four paragraphs of Step Twelve in our book Life with Hope (2nd edition: p68-69; 3rd edition: p61-62)

"Those of us who have rigorously and thoroughly taken all of the steps can attest to the fact that we have become stronger people. As we make spiritual progress, we begin to feel emotionally secure. Our new attitudes bring about self-esteem, inner strength, and serenity that is not easily shaken by any of life’s hard times.

Our awakening has come about as a result of a spiritual house cleaning, being aware of who we are, and cultivating a growing relationship with our Higher Power. That relationship can lessen the role of fear as the main source of motivation in our lives. We know that our needs will be met — perhaps not in the ways that we had hoped for, but in ways from which we can truly grow. We have found that freedom from fear is much more important than freedom from want. We start to accept the unpleasantness in our lives and become grateful when we are able to experience growth from it.

We learn to give without expecting rewards. We act as responsible members of society, living not in isolation but with a sense of community. We become true partners with our friends and loved ones. With the help of a Higher Power, we respond positively to adversity. Practicing the principles we learn by taking the Twelve Steps produces rewards beyond calculation. With a deep sense of gratitude and the help of a power greater than ourselves, we can live in spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery; we live with serenity and security, one day at a time. Humbly seeking to do the will of a Higher Power, we find that we can now live useful lives. As a result, we reap benefits we had thought unattainable, even unimaginable.

As we each work the program in our own special way, we discover the spiritual principles that we all have in common. We are all unique examples of how the program works, each of us with our distinct gifts to share. We take these steps for ourselves, not by ourselves. Others have gone before; others will follow. We recover."

  © Marijuana Anonymous World Services 2019. Reprinted by permission.