MAWPM Web Administrator

Proposed Service Position Description from Subcommittee August 2019

Position: Web Administrator


-Development, administration and maintenance of the website

-Updates and changes to the website can include: chairperson list, meeting   schedule, business meeting agenda, business meeting minutes, announcements in script and webpage, service opportunities, and minor script edits

-Posts business meeting agenda submitted by business meeting chair within 72 hours of the monthly MAWPM business meeting (posted by 1 pm EST the second Thursday of the month)

-Posts business meeting minutes within 3 days of receiving them from business meeting chair

-Reports any changes other than grammatical made to the website between business meetings at the next business meeting or to the business chair if one unable to attend

-Monitors the website to ensure its operation and link functionality

-Updates website to implement GC decisions and motions passed within 3 to 7 days of the business meeting as notified by business meeting chair

-Updates email addresses to be linked to the trusted servant beginning a service term to ensure the emails are forwarded to the correct contact

-Primary contact, responsible for ensuring the main website, has accurate and up-to-date MAWPM meeting information

-Recommended attendance at monthly MAWS Internet Committee meetings, and/or review meeting minutes to keep up-to-date and aware of issues with the main website or policies and procedures that might affect

-Adheres to the marijuana anonymous internet guidelines:

-Regularly attend MAWPM Business Meeting

-Two months prior to the completion of term, submit vacancy as an agenda item and script announcement


Our trusted servants should demonstrate the ability to serve as an example to others. Web administrators should have: 

18 months continuous sobriety

Working knowledge of the Steps, Traditions and Concepts

One year in service for MAWPM (can be in various positions (ex. consistently chaired a MAWPM meeting for 6 months and secretary for 6 months)

Term length:  minimum: one year

                      maximum: one additional term