Business Meeting Item Request form

To submit an item to be placed on the list of agenda items for your phone group please complete the form below.

A volunteer with sufficient knowledge to put your item into proper form will contact you prior to the Business Meeting for the group you select. Note that most groups require an item to be posted at least 72 hours before including it in the agenda for the specific group. If the item is new or challenged it may be tabled until next month.

To view the current agenda and minutes from previous months, click on the group’s acronym in the list below. Each group sets their own day and time for their business meeting which is also shown below:

  • Women In Recovery (WIR) is after the Wed 7pm EST meeting when needed
  • MA World Phone Meetings (MAWPM) is after the noon EST mtg on the 2nd Sunday of the month

You must be present at the business meeting on the phone line when your agenda item is discussed otherwise your item will be tabled. A tabled item without a sponsor will be removed after three months. You can recruit another person to champion your item.

All fields are required. The text you see before filling in the form are just placeholders and will disappear when you enter your values.

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You could also use email to contact one of the three known phone groups:

Be sure to include contact information (email address & phone number).

Thanks for being active in service