Chairpersons MAWPM

Below is a table showing the current chairperson for each meeting of the MA World Phone Meeting group. The current requirement for chairing a meeting is 60 days weed-free.

Chairpersons on the MAWPM line should be familiar with these suggestions.

Please contact the Chairperson Coordinator,, when you would like to participate in this service.

 Sunday 7am  Ingrid / Fred
 Sunday noon  Open
 Sunday 8pm  Roger
 Monday 7am Leah
 Monday Noon  Anna (NC)
 Monday 8pm  Yolanda
 Tuesday 7am  Alisha / Laura
 Tuesday Noon Donald every 2nd and 4th
Darleen every 1st and 3rd
 Tuesday 8pm  Pip
 Wednesday 7am  Sierra
 Wednesday Noon  Christine
 Wednesday 8pm  Paul
 Thursday 7am  Chris
 Thursday Noon  Morgan
 Thursday 8pm Mike D. (NC)
 Friday 7am  Open
 Friday Noon  Jordan
 Friday 8pm  Douglas / Sam
 Friday 10pm  Leigh
 Saturday 7am  Carol
 Saturday noon   Marc F.
 Saturday 8pm  Jesse (OR)