WDR Business Meeting Proposal – Upgrading the Service

Proposal to Upgrade the WDR Service

[ed. This proposal/motion is in the New Business section of the  We Do Recover Business Meeting agenda.]

I (Micah S.)  propose that we get a new FreeConferenceCall dialin number for the We Do Recover phone meetings and start using that number beginning 12/1.

Pros: The newer meeting numbers and codes that are issued by FreeConferenceCall have additional features over the older number that we are currently using. This includes:
  • Ability to know how many people are on the call through a visual panel on the app
  • Ability to use a web interface to join the call (helpful if you’re in a place with bad cell service)
  • Ability to use a mobile app to connect to the meeting.
  • Ability of the host to know precisely which caller is not muted and individually mute that person
  • For a period of time (I propose 1 month), we’d need to manage the old line to let people know about the new number and code
  • Addicts don’t usually like change
NOTE: For anyone concerned, the web app only shows the area code of the person who dialed in. If you join a meeting using the web or mobile app, it will show your name. We can coach people to only put their first names in.
Logistics: For each of the We Do Recover meetings:
  1. Between 10/20 and 12/1, announce the change in phone number and conference code
  2. on 12/1, we switch over the we do recover page on the website with the new information
  3. From 12/1 through the end of the year, someone will dial in to the OLD number in case anyone has joined to let them know about the new location
    1. I could make a recording on a loop and connect to the meeting(s) on the old number and play the recording for the duration of the meeting in case anyone dialed in to the old number and came late to the meeting
  4. I can hold one (or more) training sessions for other chairs to make sure everyone knows how to use the new system. It’s super easy and you can still do it entirely by phone if you want. The web interface is a bonus that gives you added features and controls.