Suggestions for Chairpersons (MAWPM)

First, please know that there are several distinct and unique Marijuana Anonymous phone groups. Each group has their own “flavor” or “culture.” In fact, most of the phone groups has several meetings on different days and different times within a day and each of these may vary in several aspects.

Each chairperson, meeting and group should always strive to operate within the Twelve Traditions.

Below are some suggestions for the Marijuana Anonymous World Phone Meetings (MAWPM) group. These are in not in any particular order:

  • As chairperson, a primary responsibility is to “get out of the way” and let people share.
  • If possible, share last. If there isn’t time for you to share, share at the next meeting, in the after meeting, or with a private call to someone in the fellowship.
  • Have a topic ready at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Have extra materials ready in case there is a lull in the sharing. You can either read the extra material yourself or ask for a volunteer
  • After each person shares, simply thank them for sharing
    • periodically repeat the meeting’s focus or topic
    • periodically remind the participants that they may need to press ‘*6’ to unmute their line
    • periodically remind people how much time is left in the meeting
    • periodically check the number of people in the meeting
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