Script Amendment Suggestions for Group Conscience – March 11, 2018

These have been approved by the Script Committee by vote on Monday, March 5, 2018

They were originally suggested by then-Committee member Miriah in collaboration with Sally M.



Please review the below suggestions point-by-point. We suggest opening the script in a separate tab or window to see how the changes will affect the script as it is now.

Email with your vote. You can vote to accept all or particular suggestions, reject all or particular suggestions, comment on any suggestions, or ask for clarification if needed. Please use the list numbers if you are specifically addressing any particular suggestion. THANK YOU for your service to the group by providing feedback! 🙂


  1. Move “US Eastern Timezone” to the mention of times in Bold and Delete the final sentence in this paragraph: “We, the MAWPM group, meet in this teleconference SEVEN days a week at 7 am, Noon and 8 pm. The full schedule, with phone numbers and access codes for all three phone groups is on the websites and All times are US Eastern Timezone.” New version would be: “We, the MAWPM group, meet in this teleconference SEVEN days a week at 7 am, Noon, and 8 pm US Eastern Timezone. The full schedule, with phone numbers and access codes for all three phone groups is on the websites and”
  2. Add: “It starts with God, and that’s the Higher Power of your own understanding.” to each intro of the Serenity Prayer.
  3. Add: “I am now putting our call in Q&A Mode. To actively participate, press star 6 and follow the prompts to get into the queue. Typically, it’s star 6 – 1. You can remove yourself from the queue, by pressing star 6 – 1 again.” As part of the script before the instruction in Red. (Before Responsibility statement.) Would replace the current statement: “I will now put the meeting into Q&A mode.”
  4. Replace the sentence in chairperson instructions: “Suggest that active participants get these materials ready and enter the queue by pressing *6, 1 while the chair reads the Preamble.” with: “Suggest that participants get into the queue and have these materials ready while you read the Preamble.” AND Add: “When the system tells you “it is now time to ask your question,” that means it’s time for you to speak. Make sure to unmute your phone before speaking.”
  5. Replace “our book” with “our basic text” under optional readings.
  6. Under welcoming newcomers, delete “Please” and add “Welcome, everyone. We encourage you to…” explore the MA website at”
  7. Add “We discuss the first three steps” by the Newcomers Meeting on Wednesdays at noon on the Meeting Schedule.
  8. Move: “To participate in the meeting press *6, 1. Note that the system will say, “you can now ask your question,” which for us means “your turn to share.”” to where it says: “It is now time for sharing.” Add: “Please make sure that you are not muted when you share.”
    Please note that this change has already been implemented. Please still feel free to cast your vote or offer commentary on this item.
  9. Change 7 am to NA Just for Today Discussion meeting.
    Please note that this change has already been implemented. Feel free to cast your vote and/or offer commentary.
  10. Add to chair instructions at the sharing part: “Throughout the meeting, continue to remind callers of the topics. “As a reminder, here are the topics… (Don’t say LATE.)”
  11. Move the line: “Please remember that anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” to right before the 7th tradition paragraph. Also adding: “What you hear here, stays here.” directly after “principles before personalities.”
  12. Changes to claiming seats: Add: It’s now time to get in the queue to claim your seat if you have not shared yet. Delete: At this time, would anyone who has not shared like to “claim their seat,” which Add: This simply means announcing your first name, and if you’d like your relative location.
  13. Changes to the announcements section: Delete everything in the first three paragraphs, Adding: Please look on the website, below the home menu tab to find the announcements for the MAWPM phone group. Keep: Follow the link to review the many opportunities to participate in recovery at the group and world levels. Keep the rest after that.
    The script scribe or webmaster may put brief reference to significant and/or time sensitive announcements — if details are needed then a blog post should be created and linked to.
  14. Add: (Leaving out the names of people who shared will gain back time, if the meeting is running late.) under Closing.
  15. At ending Serenity Prayer, going from Q&A to Mute mode (*5) with language that “Those who want to participate in the prayer will need to unmute your phone by pressing *6.”