Q&A Mode

[Host: if Q&A mode:]
We are now switching to Q&A mode
which allows those who would like to share to queue in line, first come, first served.
We use Q&A mode to eliminate background noise and thus maximize time for sharing.

Please press *6 1 to enter the sharing queue.
Again, the prompt refers to asking questions, but we share during this portion of the meeting.

After your share you will be removed from the queue.
Please don’t re-enter the queue unless the host asks for second shares.

If you decide that you don’t want to share,
press *6 1 to be removed from the queue before you share.

As we move through the queue all lines except the person sharing will be muted.
When the system says that you can “ask your question”
please verify that your phone is not muted locally and
begin you share by introducing yourself with your first name only
the host will acknowledge you, which indicates we can hear you,
and then begin your share.