ChairPersons WDR

If you would like to chair a meeting on the We Do Recover phone line please send email to the WDR ChairPerson Coordinator at The current requirement for chairing a meeting on the WDR line is 60 free of all mind & mood altering substances including alcohol.

Below is a table showing the current chair for each meeting:

Day of Week Time of Day (EST) Chairperson(s)
Sunday Morning 10:00 AM  Lisa (1st, 3rd, 5th) & Zeus (2nd, 4th)
Sunday Afternoon 3:00 PM  Cheryl
Monday Morning 10:00 AM   Micah
Tuesday Morning 10:00 AM  Jennifer
(looking for co-chair)
Wednesday Morning 10:00 AM  Elizabeth 1st & 3rd wks
 (open) 2nd & 4th wks
5th week alternates
Thursday Morning 10:00 AM  (looking for chair)
Thursday Night 10:00 PM  Carol
Friday Morning 10:00 AM  Janine
Saturday Morning 10:00 AM  Lisa
Saturday Night 10:00 PM  (looking for chair)