Chairpersons MAWPM

Below is a table showing the current chairperson for each meeting of the MA World Phone Meeting group. The current requirement for chairing a meeting is 60 days weed-free.

Chairpersons on the MAWPM line should be familiar with these suggestions.

Please contact the Chairperson Coordinator,, when you would like to participate in this service.

 Sunday 7am  Ingrid / Fred
 Sunday noon  Darlene
 Sunday 8pm  Matt
 Monday 7am Leah
 Monday Noon  Anna (NC)
 Monday 8pm  Yolanda
 Tuesday 7am  Alisha / Laura
 Tuesday Noon   Fred / Amy
 Tuesday 8pm  Ruth
 Wednesday 7am  Leah (NY) / Leah (OH)
 Wednesday Noon  Christine
 Wednesday 8pm  Paul
 Thursday 7am  Mary
 Thursday Noon  Mike D. (NC)
 Thursday 8pm Dejan (CA, ON) (Looking for replacement)
 Friday 7am  Darlene/Marianne
 Friday Noon  Christine / Sandra
 Friday 8pm  Douglas / Sam
 Friday 10pm  Leslie (AK) / David
 Saturday 7am  Celina
 Saturday noon   Marc F.
 Saturday 8pm  Marianne (Looking for co-chair(s))