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MA World Phone Meetings Group (MAWPM) Announcements

In an effort to have more time for sharing, the MAWPM group has left a brief mention of current announcements and we’ve built this page for a longer announcement, sometimes an additional post to provide as much information as possible.

Current Announcements

The Business Meeting

The MAWPM group has its monthly Business Meeting, which is informed by the Group Conscience, on the the 2nd Sunday of the month after the noon EST Meeting. To add new items, please use the “Agenda Item” form available on the “Business Meeting” menu or send email To:

Visit the website to review the agenda prior to the business meeting if possible.

Meetings Everyday

Please know there are many Marijuana Anonymous phone meetings available.  We, the MAWPM group, meet in this teleconference 712.775.7035 access code 679942#  7 days a week at 7 am, noon and 8 pm US Eastern timezone. Also on Friday, we have a 10 pm meeting that welcomes the LGBTQ community and friends.

All meetings are open, and all are welcome. Across the three MA phone meeting groups, the variety of meeting formats includes women’s only meetings (Women in Recovery, daily at 3 pm EST Sun & Wed at 7 pm EST, Tues at 10 pm EST), an LGBTQ meeting (details above), and some late night meetings (Tues (WIR), Fri (MAWPM) – all 10 pm EST).

Information on all the phone meetings, as well as in-person and online meetings, is available at (the official website for Marijuana Anonymous World Services) or for information specific to each phone group. There is also a 24/7 chat room at

Please check out all the “free” resources available on these websites.

Service keeps me sober.

Service is how it works at the group level and personally service is Step Twelve in action. When you have at least  60 days weed free please consider doing service by chairing a MAWPM meeting. The “original” phone meeting, the We Do Recover set of meetings requires 60 days free of marijuana, alcohol and all mind & mood altering chemicals. 

Speak with the MAWPM Chairperson Coordinator, or a current chair to get started chairing a meeting. The Chairperson Coordinator receives email
at: This address can also be found on the website by selecting “Contact Us” below the “Home” menu.

Four-Twenty Fellowship

Sometimes people gather on this phone line at 4:20 EST for fellowship. Stop by if you’d like for unstructured conversation. If you connect at 4:20, please stay on the line for at least 5 minutes to increase the chance of connecting with others.

 Support for Friends and Family

There is also the website which offers hope for those affected by another person’s marijuana use. Mar-anon is a separate organization from Marijuana Anonymous.

Marijuana Anonymous App

Keep track of your day count, access our basic text A Life with Hope and the workbook, find meetings near you or on the phone, and use tools like the 10th Step Daily Inventory with the Marijuana Anonymous app.

Available at Google Play and the App Store. (Just don’t click on any of those other apps that pop up – no seriously, don’t do it. This is your trigger warning. Be safe.)

Be part of A New Leaf, MA’s monthly newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, A New Leaf, wants to hear from you! Do you have a story about your recovery: what is was like, what happened, and what it’s like now? We want your experience, strength, and hope!

Email stories to

Have you celebrated an annual birthday in the last 45 days? Let us know, and we’ll publish it!

Email birthdays to

To order an individual or group subscription, go here. Thanks for your support.

MA Pen Pal Opportunity

MA  World Services is developing a pen pal program that will involve MA members, with a year or more sobriety, being paired with an inmate who needs to share experience, strength & hope. For more information please contact

At last contact, the pen pal program was struggling with accessing facilities, so if this is something you would like to help out with, please email the H&I committee to see what they need.

 Book of Daily Meditations

MA World Services is also developing a book of Daily Meditations and they need more submissions. Learn how you can contribute by browsing to and finding the instructions and submission form at the bottom of the Literature menu. More information is needed from the MAWS Literature committee as to the status of this project.

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