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Welcome to MA Phone Meetings Website

Schedule of MA Phone Meetings

There are multiple MA Phone Meeting groups, each with its own unique phone number(s) and meeting times. Known phone groups are listed in alphabetical order which is linked to their schedule:

As the community grows this website will strive to maintain a schedule of all known MA phone-based meetings. Please refer to the official schedule at Marijuana-Anonymous.org if you have questions.

Times shown are US Eastern timezone.
Long distance charges may apply.


We Do Recover group

To attend, call +1.641.715.3650 and use PIN code 107678#

  • Everyday @ 10:00 AM EST
    • Sunday: Spirituality & the 11th Step
    • Monday: Beginner’s mtg with Sobriety Milestone Celebration on last Monday
    • Tuesday: The Twelve Steps mtg
    • Wednesday: We Do Recover Open Topic Discussion mtg
    • Thursday: People of Color
    • Friday: Life With Hope reading mtg
    • Saturday: Promises mtg
  • Sunday afternoon @ 3:00 PM EST : Guided Meditation 
  • Thursday night @ 10:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
  • Saturday night @ 10:00 PM EST : Relapse Prevention Tools

Group Conscience on the 20th of the month @ 6:00 PM EST

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Women in Recovery group

  • Wednesday @ 8:00 PM EST : Women’s Closed Meeting

    • Phone Number: 712-775-7031
    • The access code can be received by contacting Barb @ 1-207-460-2984 or any other woman in the fellowship!

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Marijuana Anonymous World Phone Meetings group

Phone line: 1.712.775.7035 in the USA or lookup your country in this list of international phone numbers.

The access code is 679941#.

You can also use VoIP, Google Play app, or iPhone app at https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/hd-conferencing/.

These international phone numbers provide in-country access to over 50 countries worldwide. Note that long distance charges may apply.

  • Everyday at noon & 8pm EST:
    • Sunday @ noon EST : Topic Discussion
    • Sunday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
    • Monday @ noon EST : Topic Discussion
    • Monday @ 8:00 PM EST: Topic Discussion  (paired with land-based face-to-face meeting)
    • Tuesday @ noon EST : Topic Discussion
    • Tuesday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
    • Wednesday @ noon EST : Newcomer’s Meeting
    • Wednesday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion 
      • (Note: there is also a women-only mtg on a different line at Wed 8pm)
    • Thursday @ noon EST : Topic Discussion
    • Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
    • Friday @ noon EST : The Reading Room
    • Friday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
    • Saturday @ 8:00 PM EST : Topic Discussion
    • Saturday @ noon EST : Topic Discussion

Group Conscience on the second Sunday of the month @ 8:00 PM EST if there are agenda items. To add agenda items for the MA World Phone Meetings group send email To: agenda-mawpm@ma-phone.org.

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More to come as the community and fellowship grows. . .

MA Town Hall 2016

Members of Marijuana Anonymous are invited to the 2016 MA Town Hall meeting on:

October 1, 2016, from 10AM-noon PDT (1-3PM EDT/6-8PM BST)

Methods for access to the meeting are:

The following topics will be covered:

  • 2016 Conference Report
  • A New Leaf update
  • MAWS Internet Guidelines
  • 7th Tradition
  • New pamphlet on medications
  • Ask a trustee




Another Doctor’s Opinion (Draft)

The PDF file, Another Doctor’s Opinion, is linked here and below. It has been submitted to the Marijuana Anonymous World Services conference. In May the conference will vote as to whether to include the article in the “approved literature” category.

A MAWS Town Hall meeting will be:

Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at 1pm EST
Phone: +1.712.432.1212 Code: 349-225-494#
Internet: http://freeconferencecall.com/wall/349225494

See linked flyer for more info.

Dear Delegates,

The Literature Committee is pleased to send you the attached draft of Another Doctor’s Opinion, written by Dr. Marvin Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (he is not a member of MA, so feel free to use his name and affiliation.) This work has been reviewed extensively by the Literature Committee and we feel it is now ready to be presented to the Fellowship.

If the fellowship approves the piece at the MA World Services Conference in May, 2016, it will be submitted to A New Leaf Publications for inclusion in the next printing of Life with Hope.

Dr. Seppala has been invited to speak at the MA World Services Town Hall meeting on Sunday, October 18, and will be available to answer questions.

We invite your comments and suggestions as we move forward with this important project. We encourage you to read it carefully, distribute it widely, discuss it frequently and provide all constructive feedback directly to the Committee at litcom@marijuana-anonymous.org.

Note: As with this email and the attached PDF, while the invitation to the Town Hall has been disseminated via delegates, the conference call itself is not limited to delegates. The more representation from meetings the better. Delegates are encouraged to invite other members, especially in the event that they themselves cannot attend.

Yours in Service,

Carolyn M.

Literature Trustee
Marijuana Anonymous World Services

The article is authored by:

Marvin D. Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Another Doctor’s Opinion | DRAFT for Fellowship Review

Please forward comments, questions, inquiries etc. to

Trula: May You Rest in Peace

Some sad news . . .

Our friend Trula B. died on July 19th.

We will have a memorial meeting on September 27th at 4:00 PM EST until 6:00 PM EST on the We Do Recover phone line (+1.641.715.3650; access code 107678#).

Bring your words, feelings, music, tears, poetry, readings, thoughts, and space for listening.

Planning meetings are scheduled for August 30 and September 6th, 13th & 20th at 11:00 AM EST. A flier for the event is linked as TrulasMemorialService.pdf in the announcements section of the meeting script on the website ma-phone.org.

Trula authored a 2-part article of the first 90 days of her story for the monthly newsletter, A New Leaf, in the September & October 2014 issues.

All are welcome to come and share.


Hybrid Meetings – Face-to-Face & Phone combined

The MA World Phone Meetings group is experimenting with hybrid meetings where an existing land-based face-to-face meeting has a speaker phone in the room so that callers from around the world can call in and participate.

Please considering sharing your experience, strength and hope by calling in. Current hybrid meetings are:

  • Monday @ 8:00 PM EST: Fly into the Light  (Raleigh, North Carolina)

The dial=in number for participating countries can be found here. The USA number is 1.712.775.7035. The access code is: 679941#.



Do you imagine there are marijuana addicts in your area who may benefit from an MA Phone meeting?

Linked below is a flyer for the World Phone Meetings group that you can print (perhaps on green colored paper) and stick to bulletin boards at treatment facilities, jails, hospitals, head shops or where ever else you feel is appropriate. (That said, you should generally seek approval as unapproved flyers often get pulled down rather quickly.)



The Reading Room

The new group MA World Phone Meetings has added a new meeting called The Reading Room at noon EST on Fridays. These meetings are on a new phone line, 1.712.775.7035 in the USA or lookup your country in this list of international phone numbers. The access code is 679941#.

This meeting will draw from MA literature (Life With Hope, Approved Pamphlets, and the newsletter A New Leaf) to inspire sharing our experience, strength and hope that we may better understand our common challenges and solutions to those challenges.

Our exploration will begin with a study of the Twelve Traditions.


Newcomer’s Meeting

The new group MA World Phone Meetings has added a new meeting called The Newcomer’s Meeting at noon EST on Wednesdays. These meetings are on a new phone line, 1.712.775.7035 in the USA or lookup your country in this list of international phone numbers. The access code is 679941#.

This meeting is a safe meeting space for people new to recovery. We cover the basics of the first three steps on your journey into a new life with hope.

We encourage participation in recovery by asking those newest to the program to share first.


Creative in Recovery

The new group MA World Phone Meetings has added a new meeting called Creative in Recovery at noon EST on Tuesdays. These meetings are on a new phone line, 1.712.775.7035 in the USA or lookup your country in this list of international phone numbers. The access code is 679941#.

The Creative in Recovery meeting is geared to those of us that found pot to help us with our creativity. Once we stopped using pot as a catalyst, we thought the creative process was gone. For most of us that have experienced the recovery process, that creativity has returned exponentially. As in most things, we take it easy, and take it as it comes. So our charge to you all that are creative, is to stick around and observe the creativity rebound.